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Lion Dancing - Eye Dotting Ceremony

Lion Dancing is a traditional dance used to bring good fortune and luck. Performances are done on Lunar New Year, business grand openings, birthdays and weddings.

Each lion undergoes an “eye dotting” ceremony to bring each lion to life and to become spiritually active.

During the new year, you can find performers “eating” red envelopes hung from great heights or given as a treat by onlookers. They may also present food offerings such as watermelon or tangerines and throw lettuce to business owners for luck.

The drumming and cymbals are used together with firecrackers to ward off evil spirits and bad luck with hopes to bring abundance into a home or business.

Lion Dancers may be cute and highly entertaining to watch, but it takes a lot of discipline to learn and its meaning surpasses just the art of dance. It is culturally significant in many countries such as China, Korea, Vietnam and even Japan.

Video: @hoadavid / Lion Dance: @buukimtu



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